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Academic Success Promotion

District Policies

  • Standards-based grading of grade-level content standards or learning targets
    • Acceptable grades: 4-Advanced, 3-Proficient
    • Grades that should be improved with teacher help: 2-Basic, 1-Below Basic  
  • Homework: essential practice which helps students prepare for quizzes and tests and therefore is important for academic success
  • Promotion: students must earn a 2.3 in English, Math, History and Science both semesters to be promoted to 9th grade
  • Retention: students who fall below 2.3 either semester will not be allowed to attend the promotion ceremony in June or attend 9th grade the following fall
    • Interventions: After school, Saturday school; students will be required to attend to meet the necessary requirements for promotion


  • Students may be enrolled in Reading Improvement or Math Lab, or Study Table
  • After School Intervention (ASI): assigned to students afterschool for extra help or to complete work
    • Tuesdays - Thursdays, 3:13 to 4:00 pm
    • Students are assigned by teacher or administration
  • After School Intervention (ASI with individual teacher): assigned to students afterschool for re-teaching and re-testing
  • Summer School for students not meeting requirements for promotion

Parent Link

  • Automated telephone system that allows us to communicate with you by sending home messages between 6 and 9 pm
  • Calls may include reminders about upcoming tests, projects and events at the school, or your student's behavior in the classroom
  • If your students did not complete their homework you will receive a call in regards to your student’s referral to the ASI

Report Cards

  • A report card will go home approximately every 6 weeks
  • Grades are final at the end of each semester in December and June
  • Only semester report cards (December and June) are mailed home. All others are carried home by the students with a reminder phone call prior